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From the Pastor’s Desk

Grace Baptist Church

A little boy went to a store to purchase a gift for his Mother.

“I want to buy a present for my mom,” he said.   “But, I don’t know what size she wears.”
“Is she tall or short, fat or skinny?” asked the clerk.
“She’s just perfect,” beamed the small boy.”
So the clerk wrapped up a small size garment for him. Just a few days later the clerk recognized the garment as a woman presented it to be returned for a much larger size.1

If you are like me you feel just like that little boy. If you are a mother you probably would never believe a clerk who told you that was your child. You probably feel as if your children have a long list of your failures at attempting the most difficult task in the world – child rearing.

But the perfect mother is not measured by all the standards that one might expect. The perfect mother births her children in prayer like Hannah and is more concerned with viewing her children as a gift to be given back to God. The perfect mother is like Lois who spiritually influenced Eunice her daughter who influenced Timothy.

If, like me, you have been blessed with a mother who influenced you for God, you should rejoice. Her passion drove me to seek God; her fears taught me to learn to trust God; her weaknesses have made me strong; her love for God has birthed in me a love for Him as well; her pursuit of the holy has inspired me to seek Him early.

And if you are a mother who does not feel so perfect don’t worry – love God and love your family.  When your love is motivated by a love for God and a desire to influence your family for God, your kids will likely grow up thinking your perfect.  And don’t worry, I’ll not tell them any differently!

Happy Mother’s Day!

                                                                                             Jeffrey Kelley